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About Us

The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin.

About Us

The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin.


About Us

As dermatologists, we believe that helping you achieve healthy, beautiful skin takes a combination of medical, surgical, and cosmetic skills with artistic technique.

Skin Health Experts: At Dermatology Affiliates our team of board-certified physicians, certified physician assistants, and aestheticians keep up-to-date on the latest advances, conditions and treatments. Whether you have medical, surgical or cosmetic needs, we have the expertise to help you look your best.

Complete Skin Care: Here, prevention is just as important as diagnosis and treatment. We take the time to educate you about preventing skin cancer and minimizing the affects of aging.  Our medical and surgical services treat a variety of skin, hair and nail conditions, including acne, psoriasis and eczema.  Our cosmetic, laser and aesthetic services provide the latest treatments applied with experienced, skilled hands. That’s the art and science of beautiful skin.

Convenience: With our four locations and team of physicians, PA-Cs, and aestheticians, we put great effort into making sure we are convenient to for you when you need us. Come see us in our Buckhead, East Cobb, and Midtown offices.

How We Work

At Dermatology Affiliates, our goal is to provide outstanding medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services in Atlanta. Together, we can ensure you receive excellent care and we have a positive relationship. Here is how we work to achieve those goals.

The practice of medicine has changed drastically in the past few years. Now more than ever it is important for you as a patient to understand your role in your healthcare. Electronic medical records, HIPAA privacy laws, prior authorizations for prescription drugs and a myriad of insurance plans are just a few of the changes we have seen.
We provide electronic medical records for you to streamline the process. We need for you to provide all necessary paperwork and information needed.

HIPAA privacy laws are in place to protect you. Please understand that in order to release any medical information we must have a signed release from you. We provide all forms needed on our website for you to access.

If you need a prescription that requires a prior authorization from your insurance company please know that we will do all that we can to process this in a timely manner. However, all we can do is submit the request. The insurance company must process and approve it and until that is done you cannot fill your prescriptions. The wait times vary and you as a patient should know that you may call your insurance provider at any time to check the progress.
When visiting the office for an appointment help us be more efficient and meet your needs. Please tell the nurse what exactly you want to discuss with the provider prior to seeing the provider.

We see patients who self pay as well as have insurance coverage. If insured it is important that you understand your policy and what is covered. We will file your medical visit charges to your insurance company and attempt to collect the payment. In turn we ask that you pay promptly when all insurance collections have been settled.

It is vital to keep all of your information updated. From demographic or insurance changes to new medicines you are taking. Please contact us as needed.

Communication is the key to a good partnership. We are here to help if you have any questions or concerns. Whether a long time patient or a new patient just starting your skincare journey we are honored to share this partnership and look forward to providing outstanding care for many years to come.

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