Worried About Your Double Chin?

So, let's talk about necks! – An experience from one of our providers.

Throughout my life, I've grappled with the challenge of a double chin, a trait seemingly inherent within my family lineage. Even the most petite among us exhibit traces of submental fat. Over the years spent at Dermatology Affiliates, I've explored various procedures offered within our practice to address this concern. Among them, I've undergone both CoolSculpting with the CoolMini attachment and Kybella injectable therapy, each yielding results that have endured for approximately three years post-treatment.

Beginning with CoolSculpting, my experience commenced in 2015 with the introduction of the CoolMini applicator—a specialized attachment designed for targeting the neck and chin area. Being among the initial recipients of this treatment in our office, I embarked with minimal expectations beyond anticipating the chilling sensation synonymous with CoolSculpting. The CoolMini applicator, akin to a large suction cup, adheres to the chin area while a supporting tower is erected on the chest and secured with a strap. A circular pillow provides neck support as one undergoes the hour-long treatment (now available with a double pass option, totaling 45 minutes on each side). While initially, I experienced slight discomfort due to feelings of claustrophobia, this subsided within minutes. The treatment itself, owing to its frigid temperatures, induced minor discomfort as the skin warmed post-treatment, characterized by a transient sensation akin to pins and needles lasting approximately five minutes. Following the procedure, temporary numbness and tingling persisted for about a week, though devoid of bruising or significant discomfort. Substantial improvements, particularly noticeable along the sides beneath the jawline, gradually became apparent over the ensuing months.

Approximately a year later, I pursued Kybella injectable therapy to address residual concerns in the central chin area. Kybella, initially designed for the mid-chin region (now adaptable to the submental sides), involves the application of numbing gel, left to take effect for approximately an hour. Following numbing, a series of temporary dots are applied to the chin and neck to facilitate precise injection placement. While the procedure itself is virtually painless owing to numbness, one may experience a mild burning sensation upon the injection of the solution. Personally, I found the sensation manageable, merely requiring deep breathing to alleviate discomfort. Post-procedure, noticeable swelling ensued, though imperceptible to others. Despite subjective perceptions of considerable enlargement, the swelling subsided rapidly, returning to normalcy within three days. Similar to CoolSculpting, noticeable improvements emerged gradually over the subsequent months following Kybella treatment.

Through my years at Dermatology Affiliates, I have tried multiple procedures we offer in the office including both CoolSculpting with the CoolMini attachment and Kybella injectable therapy.

So, Let's Compare!

The efficacy of both treatments was evident, yet I found the results from Kybella to be particularly striking. While CoolSculpting produced notable improvement along the sides of my jawline, Kybella delivered a more pronounced transformation, particularly in the central region.

In terms of comfort, I found Kybella to be the more manageable option. Despite its slightly greater discomfort during the injection phase—owing to the persistent stinging sensation despite numbing—I found the procedure to be preferable over CoolSculpting. Enduring brief discomfort for a few minutes with Kybella seemed more favorable to me than the hour-long CoolSculpting session, even with its pain-free nature.

Regarding downtime, CoolSculpting emerged as the clear winner. Following the procedure, apart from temporary numbness, there were no external manifestations such as bruising or swelling. Conversely, Kybella resulted in visible bruising and significant swelling for approximately five days, with residual numbness persisting for a few weeks thereafter.

When considering cost, it's essential to note that both treatments are comparably priced. Whether opting for treatment solely in the central chin area or targeting the entire chin and submental region, the costs are generally within a few hundred dollars of each other. Consequently, while cost may factor into the decision-making process, it should not be the sole determinant given the relatively similar pricing structures of both treatments.

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