Reaping the Rewards of Retiniods

What Are Retiniods?

Retinoic acid, commonly called Retin A (generic name tretinoin, also known fondly as “tret” by aestheticians), has been the gold standard in anti-aging skincare for years. A derivative of vitamin A and backed by thousands of medical studies, “tret” prevents and repairs sun damage on the molecular level. Proven to combat fine lines, brown spots and improve texture, “tret” has been shown to enhance collagen production, even skin tone, unclog pores, and smooth skin texture.

Since ‘tret” has been in use for over twenty years, all of us in the skin care business can recognize people who have been religiously using “tret” since it became available.
Their skin glows and they look different from their peers who have not been using it routinely.

So why isn’t everyone using “tret” every day?

The same reason not all of us are running 5Ks every weekend. It takes work and some pain to reap the benefits of “tret”. You have to run a mile first and work yourself up to the 5K status over months and, if you slip out of your routine, you have to retrain. The same goes for your skin and using “tret”.

Over the years, a lot of scientists and skin care companies have worked to find ways to get the benefits of “tret” without the pain. Retinol is an over-the-counter cousin of tretinoin and has been used in hundreds of products attempting to gain some of the same benefits without peeling and redness.

Today, we commonly use retinols to prepare the skin for “tret”. It is the training program, one could say. Some people never move beyond retinol and are happy with the results they receive. Retinols are available in different strengths but it may be difficult to tell the strength of products. Most dermatologists will have a step program to help you knowingly increase the strength.

What Is Retinol?

Retinol is a Vitamin-A derivative that helps to increase cell turnover by stimulating cell production underneath the skin. When applying a retinol, enzymes in the body convert the product into active vitamin A, or retinoic acid. They are recommended for every skin type and can treat anything from acne to stubborn wrinkles and brown spots from sun damage. It is recommended to use a small pea-sized amount every other night at first, because they can be irritating and cause flaking or dryness. After a few weeks, you can build up to everyday use and eventually a stronger retinol. Most retinols take up to 12 weeks of continued use to see results.

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Whether for acne or anti-aging, retinol and ”tret” are a great additions to your arsenal of skincare products. For more information about the products we carry please call 404.816.7900 and book a complimentary product consultation. You can always stop by one of our 3 locations and ask one of our Patient Care Specialists to walk you through which retinol would be best for you.

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