miraDry is No Sweat!

This is not a lazy person’s desire to stop using deoderant—this is a quality of life decision that has saved me from changing shirts throughout the day and put an end to the giant, stinky sweat rings forever! The miraDry procedure itself was no sweat, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I am literally not sweating the small stuff anymore! I had tried everything on the market prior to this and can enthusiastically recommend the miraDry procedure from Dermatology Affiliates! 

Fun fact: the miraDry device makes a sound like heavenly angel chimes as it’s killing your underarm sweat glands. And trust me, ladies, it is truly heavenly to no longer sweat like the devil.

I am a healthy, active woman who inherited (among many wonderful traits) my father’s ability to sweat profusely under the arms. I had my arsenal of hyperhidrosis life hacks—from angling my car’s air vents to dry my underarms, avoiding certain fabrics and colors, blotting my underarms with stacks of paper towels or with the eco-friendly hand dryer machine in public restrooms. It was so frustrating and embarrassing to prepare for a special event and then have to change my top or dress 1-2 times before leaving because I had just sweat through my favorite options. I had tried every prescription and clinical strength antiperspirant available: Nothing helped, and some products just made the severe sweating worse. I was excited about a permanent solution and was impressed to learn that many of the team members at Dermatology Affiliates had tried the miraDry procedure themselves before offering this service to patients.

The procedure:

The Dermatology Affiliates team performed my MiraDry procedure and did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable. The only discomfort was mild, and occurred during the lidocaine injection, which I would compare to a shot of novocaine during a cavity filling. Start to finish, I was in the office for about 3 hours but the actual procedure took about an hour and a half.

The recovery:

Swollen, sore, and numb– but I noticed a dramatic reduction in sweat right away. The soreness subsided after 2 days but the swelling in the underarm and my upper arm area continued for just over 1 week. Ironically, the clothes I wore as my arms shrunk back to normal were the t shirts I couldn’t wear in the hyperhidrosis days. I reserved my right to bare arms (sleeveless tops) for 1 week to conceal my swollen underarms and upper arms. I kept a Band-Aid with Polysporin on each underarm and they healed beautifully.

The verdict:

Absolutely worth it. In one treatment, my underarm sweat has reduced by around 80%. Since MiraDry, I have not had to change tops once, and have actually been able to hang clothes BACK up and wear again before washing. MiraDry has been liberating for my wardrobe and my active lifestyle. Before MiraDry, I sweat so much that I looked like I was caught in a rainstorm. Maybe now I should go buy one of the shirts that says “I don’t sweat. I sparkle.”

—MiraDry patient in Atlanta, GA
In one treatment, my underarm sweat has reduced by around 80%.

Ready to say goodbye to excessive underarm sweat?

Embrace a new level of confidence by discovering the transformative power of miraDry at Dermatology Affiliates! Book your consultation today and experience the freedom of dry, comfortable underarms. Contact us now to learn more about how miraDry can change your life for the better!

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