How Does My Skin Compare To Others My Age?

VISIA® Can Help

It is a question I hear frequently when I am giving facials and doing chemical peels. We are all a little competitive and, we would like to know, truly, do I look my age?”

And, just like seeing our dress size change, knowing how we score when compared to others may give us the push we need to do more for our skin!

What is VISIA® Skin Analysis?

VISIA® skin analysis uses advanced imaging technology that takes digital photographs of the skin. VISIA software analyzes the spots, wrinkles, pores, texture, color and UV damage. You see the damage and a comparison of your skin to your peers. (same age, skin type, and gender) You may find you have less wrinkles than 60% but more redness than 80% of your peers. Each criteria is documented for you and compared to your peers. Best of all, the images are stored for future comparisons.

How Does VISIA® Skin Analysis Work?

You begin with thoroughly clean skin. Sitting in the specially designed VISIA® imaging booth, multiple photographs are taken using cross-polarized and UV light to measure your skin’s condition.

Your results are displayed with a percentage score and easily read. The higher the score the better your skin is compared to your peers.

Based on the scores, our team can customize a plan for you to improve or at least maintain your score. Your customized treatment plan may include a combination of lasers, peels, facials and/or products. Some folks even turn to surgery to change their scores. No matter how you score, knowledge is power and Visia gives you knowledge in a unique way. We are glad to provide the knowledge AND help you take action for the future of your skin!

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