Decades of Skin: Your 50's and Beyond

These are the years where all of one's hard work pays off.

You’re now, hopefully, applying a daily sunscreen, antioxidant, retinol or other collagen booster. In addition to those products you’re also using focused treatments for your eyes and neck, as well as using growth factors or peptides. Keeping the skin well hydrated with moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid is also a priority.

For those who may have been tardy to the anti-aging party, some procedures may be necessary to jumpstart the rejuvenation process. Dark spots caused by lack of sun protection in their youth may have left their face, hands, and arms with many sun spots. Starting sun protection now is crucial, but laser treatment may be necessary to remove those dark spots. Intense pulsed light (IPL), Fraxel, and Picofocus are among the lasers available that can fade those dark spots and provide a clean slate for anti-aging. Another option is a series of chemical peels to fade and lighten sun freckles.

For those whose former years have left them with loose, lax skin on the face and neck due to loss of collagen, pairing their anti-aging regimen with a skin-lifting procedure may be beneficial. Exilis is a non-invasive device that offers a subtle lift to the face and neck without the need for surgical intervention. Pairing this with Nectifirm Advanced can provide nice neck rejuvenation. Additionally, they may consider Fraxel or microneedling, both of which contribute to the generation of new collagen in the skin. Prior to and after these procedures, it's recommended to use Alastin’s Skin Nectar to speed up recovery and reduce the breakdown of healthy collagen.

The aim is for individuals to glow in their 50s and beyond. It's important to remember that it's never too late to start a skincare regimen, regardless of age or background.

Your skin is a reflection of your journey through life. With the right care and attention, it can continue to radiate vitality and beauty for years to come.

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