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4 Ways to Save with Dermatology Affiliates

by Sally Ann Adair, Retail Coordinator

These days everyone — grocery stores, airlines, gas stations, retail stores — has a reward program. While it can be confusing and overwhelming to wrap your head around so many programs, I’m here to tell you it’s worth the effort for the financial savings. At Dermatology Affiliates we want to do everything we can to make saving money (which means taking advantage of these programs) as easy as possible. Here is a quick diagram of the different rewards programs available to you. 4 ways to save.use this   1 Our own RaDiAnt Rewards program is simple on purpose. When you come to our office to buy product or receive aesthetic or cosmetic services you are earning points. You never have to log into anything, and we don’t either. Our computer handles all of it. When you reach 100 points you get $20 off Aesthetics, Lasers, or Skin Care Products. Period. There are no gimmicks, hoops, or work-a-rounds.   2Brilliant Distinctions is an Allergan program that offers savings on Allergan products only. So if you are getting Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella, Latisse, or SkinMedica products, this is the program you want to use. Once you create an account with your email address we can award your points for your treatments. We can see if you have points to use and if they are about to expire, but we can’t use the points for you. You must log in to your account and create your coupon code for us to apply the discount. Brilliant Distinctions has a mobile app that you can put on your phone for easy access, or you can use one of the iPads in our office during your appointment to log in and create your coupon.   3There is also a program called the Brilliant Distinctions Mall, which is an exciting feature for our patients. Think about all the things you buy—gifts for people, treats for yourself, home necessities from Home Depot. All can be purchased through the BD Mall. Simply log into your BD account and click the link to go to the online mall. You will find several hundred retailers that you can buy from and earn extra Brilliant Distinction points at the same time. It’s so easy! Suddenly, that new washing machine you had to buy because your old one busted earned you points (free money) to use on your next Botox treatment.   4Aspire Rewards is a newer program by Galderma. For the people who prefer Dysport over Botox, this is the program for you! With Aspire you can earn and redeem your points on Dysport, Restylane, Sculptra, and Perlane. Just like Brilliant Distinctions, you must log in to your own account and create coupons, but again, you can still do that in our office if you need help.  Aspire has five levels of loyalty. The higher your status, the greater your earning potential and the more valuable your rewards.  The more you use the products and the program, the more opportunities you have to save. Your points don’t just turn into coupons; they can turn into Nordstrom or Sephora gift cards, cash, and even spa days with friends.   We hope that you find these programs are easy to use. If you still need some guidance,  we have tools in the office to sign you up, log you in, and save you money right there on the spot. No matter what kind of aesthetic service or product you are getting, you should be getting points for it. Happy saving!