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Top 4 Skin Care Products for Pigment Control

Karen_scrubsKaren Johnson, RD and Aesthetician struggles with melasma. This hormone-induced form of hyperpigmentation proves to be very difficult to control. This month we are featuring the at-home skin care products Karen is “religious about using” on a regular basis. A nice complimentary regimen to maintain her results from her regular fall and winter annual chemical peel series.

Karen's Essentials

Karen’s Pigment-Controlling Essentials

SkinMedica Lytera and SkinMedica Retinol .5 “For brightening, these two products work best when used together. Lytera is my favorite twice a day brown spot lightener and brightener. It smells and feels great with a very small amount of Retinol to enhance the results.  Add a pump of Retinol at night and this duo erases fine lines and unwanted pigmentation at the same time! It’s a win-win.” Revision 30% Vitamin C Lotion  “This lotion contains a technologically advanced form of vitamin C: THD ascorbate.  This very stable form of vitamin C helps to lighten and brighten like no other antioxidant.  It also protects my skin from the damage caused by smoke, smog, pollution and radiation.  It goes on every morning before my sunscreen and increases the effectiveness of my SPF.” EltaMD Physical SPF 41  “I have used this product for 7 years!! It keeps my pigment from getting darker year round. Oil-free, chemical-free, water-resistant, and lightly tinted makes for a nice finish to my morning routine. The higher percentages of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide keep my skin protected by bouncing the sun’s harmful rays off my skin.”