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Why You Need to Have a Committed Relationship With Your Aesthetician, by Dr. Rutledge Forney

official_Forney2811t_8x10PenleyDo you have a “girl”?  Maybe you should!

Women and men in my practice often mention their “girl” recommends something for their skin.  That “girl” is their aesthetician (and, yes, some folks have a “guy” aesthetician). Frequently they have worked with their “girl” for years and trust her totally! Whether it is your dental hygienist, your hair stylist, your manicurist, your masseuse, or your aesthetician, a committed relationship can assure that you take care of yourself and know the best products and services right for you.

At Dermatology Affiliates, we have five aestheticians!  Why?

One of my patients made the comment several years ago that the best thing I had ever done for her skin and her budget was to recommend that she see our aesthetician once a month.  Within a year, compliments from family and friends were common.  Her “beauty budget” was within control and her bathroom shelves were neat and clean.  She no longer bought every new product that promised miracles and the partially used bottles and jars were gone – along with the guilt of a product junkie!   She had a routine that fit her lifestyle and a look she loved. Aestheticians give fabulous facials which are relaxing (really) and stimulate circulation.  Deep cleaning, mild exfoliation, intense moisturization, and spot treatment can all be accomplished within a facial. Some months your aestheticians may recommend a mild chemical peel or microdermabrasion.  Depending on the season and the stressors in your life, she can adapt your monthly treatment to keep you at your best.  Our aestheticians have even noted a new growth that was an early skin cancer in several patients. Just as your dentist wants to protect your teeth and her dental hygienist partners with her to do that, our aestheticians partner with your dermatologist to  help keep skin healthy,  acne under control, pigmentation at bay, and support your product choices to give you maximum benefit. Your skin is your biggest organ… give it an aesthetician! meet the aes invite