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Meet the Aestheticians: Claire Bourgeois

claire selfieCredentials

  • Claire completed a 3-year program at the Saint Elizabeth Institute, Merksem, Belgium, which included medical pedicure, manicure, facial aesthetics, nutrition, massage and make up.
    • In her last year (1985) she received an award for ‘Best Student of Aesthetics in Belgium”’
  • Continuing Education:
    • Dr. Eckstein School of Aesthetics, Bleiswijk, The Netherlands
      • Acne Treaments and Bio-Cosmetics
    • International Dermal Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
      • Modalities in Aesthetics and Understanding Cosmeceutical Ingredients

Why did you choose aesthetics?

I got interested in the aesthetics profession in my early childhood, a pedicurist would come to our house for my mom’s monthly pedicures, she also had regular facials and always used good products. She showed me how to take care of my skin from a very young age.

What is your favorite part of your work?

I LOVE doing extractions and getting amazing results after working with a patient through a complete treatment plan. I also enjoy anti-aging treatments such as peels and facials and helping people get their glow back. Since I am not a “spring chicken” myself I can relate to the joys of aging.

Favorite skin tip?

Don’t just treat your skin from the outside. Diet, lifestyle, and environment are just as important! Two examples:

  • Eat lots of cantaloupe. It acts as an internal moisturizer!
  • Drink tea. It’s a powerful antioxidant internally and externally! Side note: All tea comes from one plant (camellia sinensis) with the same antioxidants. Green tea is processed less than black, but all teas (oolong, white, black and green) have the same antioxidants.

Tell us something about you that readers might like to know.

I love the aesthetic profession, but I also LOVE cooking. I went to chef school in Belgium many moons ago after my aesthetic training. My fiancé (Sicilian…naturally a great cook!) and I spend many hours preparing culinary treats. We will be making some of our own specialties for our wedding. meet the aes invite{/layout:set}