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Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat in 7 Weeks with UltraShape, by Dr. Tiffany Clay

Dr__Clay-200x300   I’ve always considered myself to be a health and body conscious person. My old routine was to eat whatever I wanted and then work out strenuously to maintain a balance. However, as I got older I realized this way of life would not keep me in shape. In more recent years I started eating better and changing how I worked out. With this new agenda I found myself with more energy and in such great shape, but there was always an area that I could not target no matter what I tried… my lower abdomen aka “the pooch.”  

Why Ultrashape?

There are several body sculpting devices out there but I decided on Ultrashape for several reasons:

  • It is painless. I know sometimes we think “no pain, no gain” but I’ve seen many before and after photos and was pleased with what I saw.
  • No downtime. After the procedure you can go back to your normal routine.
  • Limited number of treatments. It didn’t take long for me to notice improvement after my second treatment.

Day of the Ultrashape Procedure

Before my first treatment I took pre-treatment photos and had my measurements taken. What a humbling experience! I removed all jewelry, changed into a pair of provided shorts and kept on my sport bra. Then my midsection was wrapped with an elastic band; imagine a strappy sort of corset. This allowed my problem area to become more prominent and it defined my treatment area. Once laying flat on the exam table, ultrasound gel was applied and the device hand-piece was applied to my skin. It was pretty cold initially!

Ultrashape Procedure #1

The treatment was started and I did not feel the pulses of ultrasound energy. At times I felt a slight warmth, but this was rare and still comfortable. It took about 30-45 minutes to do the procedure once I was on the table. The initial visit took a little over an hour due to the photos and measurements but the following 2 visits took about an hour. At the conclusion of my 1st treatment I was told to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and avoid alcohol. So let’s just say I didn’t heed the advice because I went on vacation the next week and enjoyed plenty of great food and wine.

Ultrashape Procedure #2 & 3

I didn’t notice much difference to the treatment area when I returned for my 2nd Ultrashape treatment. I decided to make some lifestyle changes. I limited my carbohydrate and alcohol intake in addition to started a running challenge with friends. During the time of my running challenge I completed my 3rd Ultrashape treatment just as Thanksgiving rolled around. I continued running and allowed myself a “cheat day” for the holiday only.

How long does the Ultrashape process take?

The Ultrashape treatments were done every 2 weeks. I completed 3 treatments and took my post-treatment photos 4 weeks after the last Ultrashape treatment.

The Final Product

The day finally came for me to take my post-treatment photos. I was so excited to compare my before/after measurements and pictures. I was blown away! It was difficult for me to see the difference after the 1st and 2nd visits but around the time of my 3rd treatment my tummy looked flatter. I now need a belt to hold up some of my old tight-fitting jeans and pants. If I had to do the Ultrashape procedure over again I certainly would. It was easy, painless and there was no downtime. If you’re having problems targeting certain areas this may be the right treatment for you.   claybefore1 UltraShapeclayafter1 UltraShape   claybefore2clayafter2   claybefore3 UltraShape clayafter3 UltraShape Before and after photos have not been retouched. It is evident the day the ‘before’ photos were taken the flash on the camera was not used, and the day the ‘after’ photos were taken the flash was used. The ‘after’ photos were taken 7 weeks after the first treatment.