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Announcing an expansion of our Radiant Rewards loyalty program!

radiant_reward_imageTwo years ago we launched Radiant Rewards, our in-house loyalty program which accumulates points for your purchases of non-medical goods and services. You use those points on services from our aestheticians and on product purchases.  Radiant Rewards has been a great success and many of you have accumulated points you didn’t even know you had and were delighted when we applied those points to your bill. Based on this success, we have decided to expand the services which can be discounted using Radiant Rewards points to include laser and device based services including Coolsculpting, Vanquish, Exilis, Fraxel and hair laser.  As long as a physician does not do the service, you can use the points. Now,  when you hit 100 points you have $20 to spend on aesthetic services, laser and device services and products.  Points accumulate and will be applied in $20 increments.  You don’t have to ask, we will tell you when you have them and apply them to your current purchase. Remember that we have free product consults with our aestheticians and free cosmetic consult with Janice our cosmetic consulant.  They can help you accumulate and use those Radiant Rewards. Let’s be radiant together.{/layout:set}